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  1. I realized that there is never too much USAA. Bro, keep going at this pace. AAA+ work
  2. I want to save up for a luxury vacation. Guys please help me with this.
  3. I caught some tasty CCs, USA is bombing. I'm happy!
  4. I myself am also ready for new purchases. It's time for your performance Marko!
  5. Guys, you can also get a discount on old DBs.
  6. I really don't want to leave this forum. Everything here needs to be the same as before. This shop is my anchor here.
  7. There was a classic and much needed cheap update, repeat bro
  8. At these prices you will definitely crush the neighboring shops!
  9. During the week of the new year, bro, you proved that you have the best staff. Handsome!!!!!
  10. Bro, thank you for the rare and necessary BINs in the latest UP. Great job!
  11. Happy New Year everyone, guys get back to work. I'm looking forward to it. It's fucked up how much i need MIX.

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