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  1. What was the result? Normal results?
  2. A very intelligent shop. I solve a lot of interesting problems here)
  3. Objectively, this is the most interesting update of this endless month.
  4. It is technically possible to do x10 here, but you need reliable socks.
  5. A pleasant stuff in all respects.
  6. This is a very creative update. I am satisfied.
  7. It was a very serious and adult update.
  8. Only 2 or 3 updates per day can be better than 1 US update!
  9. The mixes here are traditionally strong. This shop has a right to exist. I don't regret money.
  10. I'm delighted with the USA. There is no better stuff for a check!
  11. In fact, any fresh update in this store is good. The main thing is private.
  12. I bought a 250cc, I can't say anything bad, but sometimes the mix is much better.
  13. The USA has no equal in this business. Today the update is great again.
  14. I am sure that many more delicious things await us ahead.
  15. I liked almost everything, the results of the check will show how much richer I have become.

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