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Found 10 results

  1. CCSHOP.in - CHEAP FIRST-HAND CC + CVV | BIG BASES | PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM MAIN INFO | ГЛАВНАЯ ИНФОРМАЦИЯ URL: https://ccshop.in MIRROR #1:ccshop2jsqvmkhon7hgvuftdhdmftrqrqg6l3cz5deojvbzyw2kjvhid.onion MIRROR #2:https://ccshop.at CHEAP FIRST-HAND CC, BIG CHOICE | НЕДОРОГИЕ КАЧЕСТВЕННЫЕ СС, БОЛЬШОЙ ВЫБОР USA CVV FROM $0.5 EU CVV FROM $1 NonCVV CC from $0.3 ///////////////////////////////////////////EN/////////////////////////////////////////// LINK:ccshop.in The partner program ccshop.in offers several options for cooperation in CC+CVV realization, Hacking and Sniffing. We are looking for several partners to work with. ccshop.in's team has over 10 years experience in credit card gathering from own sources and partnership programs. There are special conditions for our regular partners such as payment in advance i.e. the forecasted profit may be received instantly. Full support cycle is provided by professional administrators and hackers, and could include follow options besides the quick and honest selling of СС: WebShell upload, Sniffing, Code Fixing, Root Access and etc. A convenient sniffer's admin panel, various codes on PHP / JS are suitable for any tasks. Direct forms, iframes, redirects are accepted. Our support team is working hard 7 days a week without holidays and unforeseen circumstances. We offer stable wages from 70 to 90 percent in favor of the seller (our fee is from 30% to 10% and depends on the volume of the CC and the percentage of validity, as well in most cases we take care of acquiring costs). All sellers have an access to real-time detailed statistic. If you have unsold CC in other shops we are ready to speed up the selling process by our forces. The daily stable growth of active customers in ccshop.in is 250-300. Admission: - RU / EN speech - 30% and above valid rate - Only first-hand CC Contact: PM ///////////////////////////////////////////RU/////////////////////////////////////////// LINK:ccshop.in Партнерская программа ccshop.in предлагает несколько вариантов сотрудничества в сфере снифа и реализации CC+CVV. Ищем несколько партнеров для работы. Мы - команда с многолетним опытом, добываем материал как сами, так и помогаем это делать партнерам. Постоянным партнерам всегда делаем предоплату за базу примерно равную итогам реализации - фактически платим за материал инстантом! Предлагаем полное сопровождение начиная от заливки шелла/установки снифера/закрепления на ресурсе (по возможности рутаем) и до продажи материала в нашем магазине ccshop.in Хостинг, домены, ипы, чистота и администрирование 7 дней в неделю без выходных - для наших партнеров БЕСПЛАТНО - мы берем до 10 процентов с реализации в шопе и только. Удобная админка, различные коды на php и js подойдут под любые задачи, возможность ставить ресурсы самостоятельно. Принимаем в работу доступы c родной формой,ифреймом. Возьмем собственников ресурсов со своим снифом CC+CVV на стабильные продажы материала с процентом выплаты от 70 до 90 в вашу сторону! Честная прозрачная статистика в реальном времени - индивидуальный подбор цен взависимости от валида - связь 7 дней в неделю. Мы сразу говорим какой обьем в данный момент готовы взять и не берем на себя больше чем можем продать в данный момент. Если у вас обьемы в других шопах, мы готовы взять часть продаж на себя! Большие обьемы всегда монетизируються хуже чем небольшие. Ежедневный стабильный прирост активных покупателей в шопе составляет 250-300. URL: https://ccshop.in MIRROR #1:ccshop2jsqvmkhon7hgvuftdhdmftrqrqg6l3cz5deojvbzyw2kjvhid.onion MIRROR #2:https://ccshop.at MIRROR #2:https://ccshop.xyz Связь: PM
  2. URL : 1977.WS Telegram Channel : Click!  RULES: 1. We register and use the store and our services, you automatically agree with the registration; 2. After the purchase, you have 2 hours to verify your account; 3. Return of invalid goods can be done only within 2 hours after the purchase (Button near the order "Open Dispute"); 4. There is no refund from the site, plan in advance how much you will collect; 5. Hacking attempt, store abuse - account deletion 6. Important! Refunds only through the return system. A screenshot of the problem is required otherwise the refund will be denied. Screenshots can be uploaded via prntscr.com and uploaded to the chat.
  4. FoxStore - Brute account for your work We have more than 3kk SNN, banks, shops, miles, etc. Soon all 200 services will be available Link F-store.ma F-store.us TOR http://mqqd7kryubamissakksmkmx7jbrk3a5rrdnvwdyaarkhtivzk4ydmxid.onion/
  5. 77store.me Read the rules before using
  6. Check out our new "All You Need" shop ! CVV, SSN etc! Segwit Bitcoin / Litecoin Right now we have: 300k CVV/VBV/Fullz SSN database - $1.65 random/$3.3 search In the future, we are planning to add: December: Switch to Bitcoin SegWit and add Litecoin 2018: highly secure VPN service, huuuuge online socks base, and who knows whats else?:-) Ok, you can register online, via TOR here: http://djigurdaf74uukn4.onion TOR v3 http://5aev3nvsbkyjcwcu5cuqb2aqu3zzp4biinv7i57xidlvvurb6ll3etqd.onion Bitcoin and Litecoin accepted! Please, use TOR! If you can't (really? why?), you may use unsecure HTTP protocol: https://djigurda.at Welcome :-) ============================================================== Посетите наш новый магазин "все что вам надо )" Bitcoin / Litecoin Сейчас в наличии: 300k CVV/VBV/фулок SSN база - $1.65 рандом/$3.3 за поиск В будующем планируем добавить: декабрь: переход на Bitcoin SegWit и Litecoin 2018: крутой впн, соксы, и что то еще :-) Вы можете зарегистрироваться онлайн через ТОР здесь http://djigurdaf74uukn4.onion TOR v3 http://5aev3nvsbkyjcwcu5cuqb2aqu3zzp4biinv7i57xidlvvurb6ll3etqd.onion Платежи в Bitcoin и Litecoin Нестабильный веб домен https://djigurda.at Добро пожаловать:)
  7. Dear members! We offer to your attention: Раураl: 70k+ accounts from 140+ countries, with balance, BML, verified. Logs, brute. From $0.20; Fullz (SSN+DOB, name, address, city, state, email, phone): $0.40; Banks: from $1.00, balances <20k USD; Ebay: different countries, with feedbacks, seller accounts. Shop accounts: avia, cosmetics, ... With points. We accept: Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Litecoin, Qiwi; no minimal Shop URLs: http://cyfwqnnet2zcg45j.onion/ (use Tor Browser) https://635chs.pw/ Sign-up is free, no invite code required. Support contact: Jabber: 635chs@exploit.im Beware of rippers! 1) We don't use Jabber for accept funds and sale. We work only through the shop website. 2) Our actual contacts are allways published on this website. If you somewhere saw the supposedly our ad, but with other contacts — it's rippers. 3) Rippers are tricky! Do not be surprised if you ripped through a Jabber ID with Russian letters. In any case, see point 1.
  8. uxiao01

    Credit Report Services

    We provide fast credit report pull services We are prompt and reliable Two free orders (offer is valid for 24 hrs) for vouches Sample of report: http: //prntscr.com/g595br Admin escrow allowed for bulk deals.
  9. Selling working CPN & TRADE LINES TR-MERGED!!! What are can numbers? A CPN number is a 9 digit number that you can use in lieu of your social security number when applying for credit! Yes, it is 100% Legal to use a CPN number for Credit Purposes ONLY! What can I use a CPN/SCN for? You can use a CPN Number and SCN Number for anything that usually requires credit reporting purposes. List of the items that can be obtained using a CPN: Auto Loans Credit Cards Personal Loans Medical Loans Business Loans Hard Money Loans Apartment Rentals or Leases Bank Accounts Cell Phones Utility Bills And Many Many More!! These are also perfect for ghost profiles What does tri-merged mean? This means the cpn is filled with all 3 major credit bureaus which will build yours or ghost credit faster PRICE IS $180 FOR TRI-MERGED CPN AND $95 FOR SIMPLE CPN. LIMITED TIME OFFER *SPECIAL CONDITIONS APLLY. *IF YOU HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE ABOUT CPN'S AND TRADELINES I WILL DO MY BEST TO HELP BUT DON'T EXPECT A FREE TUTOR.

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